It is part of our company culture to provide the most stress-free experience for our clients and we know hours of waiting around will not achieve this. That is why we have outfitted all our service cars with satellite tracking systems which allow us to marry up our closest team member in case of an emergency.

Our team values punctuality. To assure this they have also been equipped with an integrated navigation system. We trust in our system and our team so much that if we do not show up in the approved service window, we will pay you $50.


YES!!! Here are 4 reasons why.

  1. Safety  
    Electricity should never be taken lightly. Whilst we are a country of people who love to DIY, when it comes to electricity it should always be dealt with by a professional. 15 people in Australia are killed in preventable electrical accidents each year, with hundreds more treated for a range of electricity-related incidents (Master Electricians Australia).
  2. It’s Illegal  
    Unlicensed and DIY electrical is against the law in Queensland. You can find more information on the law regarding electrical work in your home in the Electrical Safety Act 2002. The Act, is aimed to eliminate the human cost to individuals, families and the community of death, injury and destruction that can be caused by electricity.
  3. Get trusted advice  
    Whilst the appeal of a cheaper, unlicensed electrician may seem like a good idea to save money, often it will have the opposite effect. Save yourself the repair fees and find a trusted licensed electrician. A quality licensed electrician will be able to offer you sound advice on the energy saving strategies that will save you more money on your future power bills.
  4. Protect your home, yourself and your family  
    Don’t take the risk with your life or the lives of your loved ones by working with electricity or allowing an unlicensed and inexperienced person to work on your home. Electrocution can cause serious injury, even death and electricity does not discriminate. Incorrect electrical work can often increase the risk of an existing problem worsening and put your home at greater risk of an electrical house fire. It is important to note also that any illegal electrical work in your home you may be in breach with your home insurance policy and not be covered. Your home and your loved ones are your most cherished possessions, don’t risk it.

There is a number of reasons why your lights may be flickering. Starting with it simply not being screwed in properly or it may be a more serious underlying issue. Three main reasons why your lights may be flicking; a loose bulb, Faulty switch or connection or a voltage fluctuation.

Whilst a loose bulb can usually be fixed with a replacement, it is highly recommended to have a professional electrician step in if the replacement doesn’t work. There is a high hazard risk for issues of this nature and it should not be taken lightly. Contact a licensed electrician as soon as possible.


New smoke alarm laws have been introduced in Queensland starting January 1 2017. A smoke alarms effectiveness can be put down to three key factors; type, positioning and if the alarms are unified. By creating high quality integrated smoke alarm systems, the new laws aim to create a safer home to protect people lives.

The new changes are as follows:

  • Photoelectric type only;
  • Hard wired to the electricity supply;
  • Interconnected to every other smoke alarm;
  • Installed in each bedroom;
  • Installed in hallways serving bedrooms
  • Installed in the exit path of every story containing bedrooms


Click here for the Queensland Fire and Emergency Services downloadable fact sheet on the new changes in the law.


We price ‘By the Job’, NOT ‘By the Hour’. So often people get caught at the end of the project with a bill larger than expected because their tradesman wasn’t working efficiently and charging ‘By the Hour’. We disagree with this method at Impress Elec.

We use fixed standardised pricing for our services and products. A full quote is presented before any work is started to assure the client knows where their money is going and eliminate the chance of any nasty surprises popping up at the end of the job.

We have found pricing ‘By the Job’ opposed to ‘By the Hour’ reduces a lot of stress. Our staff work efficiently and produce high quality results. As a client, you can go in to your project knowing you won’t run risk of blowing your budget.


Yes we do. We are all for supporting Australian companies, which is why we source Australian made products. We use quality and field tested products that are not going to fall apart in our rough Australian climate.

Initially the higher quality products can seem like a costly option, however in the long run you will end up saving in maintenance and replacement products and you will support Australian made products.


If you find yourself in the middle of a power outage it is important to firstly remain calm. We have put together a few basic safety tips to help you through.

  • Firstly, establish if the power outage is localised in your home, possibly from faulty wiring in an appliance, or if your neighbours also have no power. If it is just your house you can check your trip switches in your fuse box. Remember if you are not confident in this area call an electrician.
  • Avoid using candles, fire hazard. Always have a good quality torch in an easily accessible place.
  • Be aware of the climate you are in and respond accordingly. If you are in high temperate make sure you are drinking plenty of water. Hot air rises so going to the lowest place in your house is going to be the coolest. Wear lightweight clothing and if the power is off for an extended amount of time consider using public facilities like a shopping mall or cinemas to cool down. If it is cold out, layer on warm clothing. Do not use your oven as a heat source. If the power is out for an extended amount of time use public facilities to provide heating.
  • It isn’t uncommon for a passing power surge to occur that can cause damage to your computers and other devices. It is recommended to switch off and disconnect appliances and other devices to avoid damage.
  • Keep your refrigerator and freezer doors closed as much as possible. Most fridges can remain cold for approximately 4 hours unopened, while freezers can keep temperature for approximately 2 days.
  • It is important to consult with either an electrician or engineer if you are considering installing a generator. Do not run a generator inside your home or garage and never connect it to your homes electrical system.

We certainly do outdoor electrical and weather proof. As you may have read we quote per job not per hour. This means we will work alongside you to make it happen how you would like and stay within the budget, free of horrible hidden fees. We have a great network of suppliers with top quality products that we can utilise to create you vision.